365 Project with Caden | Part 1

Here we are – I told myself if I survived the first year without getting tired of my camera or Caden refusing to take part in any more photos, I’d do a 365 project starting the day he turned ONE! It’s been over a week now and I still cannot process having a one year old. He’s quite the charmer and making this motherhood journey one to remember – and I want to remember it all; the good, the bad, the ugly, and every adventure in between! I’ve decided to document his 365 project on my instagram account but will also do a weekly  wrap-up here for family and friends that aren’t on instagram.

Day 1 – Caden’s Birthday and the start of the 365 project! We went to my studio to do some photos and he was NOT having it. I’m talking a complete meltdown and what kind of mother would I be torturing my child on his birthday with pictures…I mean come on (insert eye roll emoji because come on kid – your Mama is a photographer)! But, as you would know it, the second I let him just explore and do whatever he wanted, he found the smallest place to fit into and made himself at home.

365 Project with one year old | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 2 – his one year appointment and shots – 4 to be exact and a blood-drawl. He handled it all like a champ.

One year old gets shots | Laura Ryan Photography

When we got home he wanted his pants off and wanted those bandaids off too. He balled them up, handed them to me, and that was that. I guess he is tougher than his Mama.

One year old playing | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 3 – after a quick Target trip for some new toys for the newly car and train obsessed boy, we came home and he didn’t waste any time before playing with them all! The little sounds he makes are the best.

Lifestyle Photography 365 Project | Laura Ryan Photography
365 Photography Project | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 4 – Caden has recently decided that he likes to spy on the dogs from upstairs. You can find him here a lot throughout the day.

One Year Old Baby Boy | Laura Ryan Photography
One year old looking out over landing | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 5 – I am pretty sure that Caden woke up thinking, “Mama, I am going to make you question this whole being a Mama thing and make you think you have gone completely crazy.” Kidding, but seriously, he has taken the whole “let’s get into everything” thing a little too serious. As much as it can drive me crazy, I also kinda like it…because he’s pretty darn cute. Here he wrapped  himself up in his curtains and thought it was the funniest thing ever. Really, who needs toys?

Mommy Blogger | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 6 – this was a tough, tough day for both Mama and Caden. I was down with a sick stomach and he just wanted to play. Not a good mix. Today we were thankful for amazing neighbors that let Caden come play for a bit. Shortly after he came back home we were sitting down and while showing Caden my camera (like he cared?) I realized his perfect little tiny toes were dangling before me. Naturally, that led to a Tuesday #tinytoe post  – so if you guessed that you may see a lot of toes on Tuesday’s, you guessed right. Okay – maybe not everyyyyy Tuesday, but at least once a month.

Tiny baby toes | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 7 – a day that we look forward every week and some weeks it happens and other weeks it does not…but today, it happened! We were able to go have dinner with Daddy and spend about an hour together. Sometimes this Air Force life separates us so we take advantage of every minute we get together!

Exploring the outdoors | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 8 – the day Caden learned to point. TOO FUNNY! I was ahead of Caden and thought he was following me, but turned around to hear a little laugh and a little boy pointing his finger at the dogs. He continued to sit there for about 5 minutes watching and of course, pretending not to notice Mama taking his picture again.

Climbing on the stairs | Laura Ryan Photography

There ya have it, days 1-8 with Caden’s 365 project! I have to admit, it’s been harder than I thought getting my camera out but I am determined to do it! Keep me accountable, okay?

Also, if you missed Caden’s birth story or letter on his birthday, check those out here and here.


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