365 Project with Caden | Part 2

Alright, friends & family, here ya go – your weekly wrap-up from Caden’s 365 project! I think I should get a pat on the back for keeping up with these photos after the week we have had. But don’t worry, I settled for treating us to ChickFila last night for some sweet tea! I kinda have to laugh because although the photos certainly give you a glimpse into what Caden does day-to-day, it by no means tells the WHOLE story. Have you seen those hourly photo challenges? Maybe I should do that. Or not. The highlights are better and prettier.

You’d never know we both had the stomach virus and he has been a teething monster, I mean pitiful and sweet teething boy. But I digress. Here we go. Motherhood + childhood as it’s finest!

Day 9 – the day my dream came true. He was sporting his (shhh don’t tell his Daddy…skinny) jeans for the first time, his cool vans, the best jacket from his Auntie Kacie sent all the way from Hungary, and the shirt that describes him best – one of a kind. Okay. So the dream? We were semi-matching. That’s right, who says you can’t match with your son! I’m pretty sure Vans should hire us as their shoe models.

One Year Old Outside | Laura Ryan Photography
Mother and son matching vans | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 10 – Caden’s favorite thing to do? Take out all the wipes. And then look cute.

Baby on kaydee baby changing pad cover | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 11 – Caden decided to completely melt my heart today. I was going to take yet another picture on his changing table, stepped back a bit (thank God for my amazing sigma art 35 that allows me to stay close to this monkey), and then he did this It made up for the crazy fevers and stomach bug crazy.

One year old looking at himself as a baby | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 12 – and still not feeling too well from having the stomach bug butttt adorable as ever. I promise he was not in trouble, he just sat there for a good portion of the day sucking his thumb.

One year old boy sucking his thumb | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 13 – our bittersweet reality. Caden see’s his Daddy more on a phone than in real life. So much so when he picks up a phone he instantly looks at the screen and says “hewo daaaaa” then proceeds to give him kisses (aka drool all over my phone). At one he understands more than one would think, but I’m thankful he’s resilient and knows how much he is loved. Now, we both wait impatiently for the Air Force to give us our favorite guy back for more than a few hours here and there.

Toddler playing in bed on phone | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 14 – and this boy is getting braver and braver. Seriously, Caden would climb to the room if I’d let him, but walking he has been so cautious. This week has been full of extra steps though!

Baby's first steps | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 15 – after several days of tummy troubles, we needed some fresh air and headed to the park! Caden is already fully embracing that whole “tell me no or tell me I can’t do something and watch me do it.” Kid, I promise I’ll appreciate that one day, but not today.

Frontier Park | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 16 – and my gosh, I couldn’t love this sweet miracle boy of mine anymore if I tried. Today was a sweet reminder of the gift he is and a day we spent reflecting and talking about his big brother/sister that’s looking down on him. Pregnancy loss is real. It’s not rare. And it shouldn’t be taboo to talk about.  I am 1 in 4. Four years ago to this day I became part of that statistic and I know I am not alone, and neither are you.

Baby with big blue eyes | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 17 – thank goodness for the bath AKA the place Caden would eat, sleep, and play if I let him. He loves the bath and he also loves testing his balance. It doesn’t usually end well. But we also get the best smiles and for that, give us all the baths!

One year old baby playing in bathtub | Laura Ryan Photography

Day 18 – from smiles to smirks (full of attitude), Caden is sure to give us all the expressions! Over the last week Caden has started to express himself when he is mad. I mean he’s always screamed, but I’m talking full on scowl and huffing his way through a tantrum. If anyone can tell me how to NOT laugh, I’d be forever thankful.

Why the scowl you ask? Because I was making him take more pictures and he just wanted to dance apparently.

Lifestyle childhood and motherhood blogger | Laura Ryan Photography

Lifestyle 365 Project | Laura Ryan Photography

There ya have it, days 9-18 with Caden’s 365 project! PS. I am going to slow down with the posting on instagram daily. I’ll of course continue taking photos daily, but I’ll only be uploading 1-2 times a week and then of course the weekly blog post here.

If you missed part one, you can check it out here!

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